Why Evish yadav Win Big Boss OTT Season 2?

The Bigg Boss OTT 2 Finale is now over. There was a tough competition between top two Finalists Elvish Yadav and Abhishek Malhan. After the final voting, Elvish Yadav won the Bigg Boss OTT Season 2 and has been rewarded with BB trophy and Rs 25 Lakh prize money.

Earlier, Manisha Rani, Pooja Bhat, Bebika Dhurve, Abhishek Malhan, and Elvish Yadav were the top 5 finalists. After Pooja, Bebika, and Manisha were evicted, the finale race was between Abhishek and Elvish. Host Salman Khan announced that it was a tough competition between both top 2 finalists. Finally, Elvish Yadav was declared as the winner of Bigg Boss OTT Season 2.

Follow our live blog to know all the details about the Bigg Boss OTT 2 grand finale today on Monday, 14 August 2023.

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